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Cat Questions? CAT ADVICE.

Probably, you’ve felt frustrated trying to communicate or trying to befriend a cat. I can feel that, hooman. We, on our side, feel that frustration everyday.

Salem used to be a hooman
so he’s abusing his cat pose

Here’s the truth: You hoomans usually see reality from inside your Sphynx-like skin and never try to get into our fur. Then you would know. You need to receive direct advice from a cat.

Yes. There’s lots of exceptions, some hoomans are very nice to fellow cats. And that’s the reason why we think that some part of hoomanity may lag awareness about how rad cats are. Please share befriendyourcat.com with cat haters so we can insult them in the comment section.

Now: next time your cat ignores you, remember you laughed at videos of fella catos being ridiculously scared at cucumbers. Catos are bros. And catos are not idiots.

However, we cats love humans to death, so here comes our effort in trying to teach you how to play the game with the catos. Befriend Your Cat accepts no liability for any loss or damage howsoever arising out of the use of this website or reliance on the content of the website.

no need to worry hooman, the cat loves you. but have you heard about SPACE?

befriendyourcat.com In a nutshell

Hoomans need to understand why cats are not evil pricks
and why they should stop being such dicks about it.

Either we’re friends, either we’re not.

direct advice from a cat

Your cat can guest write on our blog! if you’re interested,

Our post languages:

– English (EN)
– Catalan (CA)
– Spanish (ES)

Meouwr mission is to show hoomans we're cool guys
through cat culture and kittie worshiping.
We will also try to solve cat questions once and for all
through direct advice from cats and experts.

Staff Writers

Cosmo K

Cosmo felt from his spaceship one 15th of August in Viladecans, Barcelona. Next September, traveled up to Arinsal, Andorra.

Just turned into a cat teenager, Cosmo is unaware of where his testicles are, but didn’t have time to know about them, so he doesn’t care. Therefore, instead of the anxiety of having to mark his territory and look for pussy, he can chill and enjoy life. He recommends this measure to anybody suffering from the same anxiety. “Being them cats, dogs, hoomans, or any creature that might get nervous because of testosterone”.

Cosmo likes to sunbathe, fighting with long threads, belly rubs, and to “stare at my hooman while we think about life and shit”.

Hiro R

Hiro is a pocket-sized panther born back in 2009. He’s now enjoying his lifelong kind-of-retirement in El Somontano, chasing birds and watching thunderstorms.

hiro from befriendyoucat.com
look, im floatin

Embassy Cat

Embassy Cat doesn’t have a name but he has some causes to stand for, which is already a lot more than most of you hoomans have.

Disclaimer: Julian Assange’s cat isn’t actually on the keyboard.